Create a User

If you have administrator rights to your Community CI system, you will have access to create new user accounts for your agency.



Step 1. Log into your Community CI system.


The welcome page will be displayed.

Home Page



Step 2. On the welcome page, select the User Accounts option

User Accounts


Step 3.  Click Create User Account

Create User Account


Step 4. Enter the required details in the Create User Account page

Create user Account


User Account Details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

The email address is used as the login name. Ensure the email is correct as it will also be used to send password reset messages if required.


Set Password:

  • Password
  • Confirm Password

The password must meet the security requirements – the progress bar beneath the password field will display the strength of the password.

A password deemed very weak, weak, or so-so will not be accepted.

Longer passwords with a mix of cases, alphanumeric characters and special characters are stronger.


The same password must be entered in both the password and confirm password fields.



Select the required role for the user from the dropdown list.

  • Administrator – an administrator account has access to all administrative features, including the creation of user accounts
  • Manager – a manager account has access to all administrative features, excluding user accounts
  • Worker – a worker account can create records, but cannot access any administrative features, such as reports or submissions


Step 5. When all fields have been completed successfully, click the create button


Create a worker


The user account is created in an inactive state

Account details



Step 6.  Click the Activate button to activate the user record

Activate worker


The user is active.


Active user

Further Information


Updated on August 15, 2018

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