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Calculated Question – Add

Calculated questions allow you to calculate a figure based on responses to one or more questions.

Calculated questions include the following types:

The ‘Add’ type adds together the answers of selected questions and adds an entered factor to give you a result.

e.g. Q1 = 2, Q2 = 4, Q3 = 2, Factor = 4

Divide = Q1 + Q2 + Q3 = 8, add 4 = 12

Adding a Calculated Question – Add

Step 1. Follow the instructions to create a Master Template

Step 2. When Adding a new question, select the Calculated Assessment field type

Step 3. Complete the other required information

Outcome Domain:
– Select which existing outcome domain the question relates to
Question Title:
– Enter the title of the question, this will appear in the assessment
Question Instructions:
– Enter any additional instructions for the question, this will appear in the assessment
Applies to:
– Select whether the question applies to individual or organisation level assessments
Assessment Type:
– Select whether the question applies to pre or post service assessments, or both
– Select whether an answer is required or optional
– Select an existing measure related to the question, or create a new measure.
– Select whether the question is a headline.

Step 4. Complete the Calculated question section

Type = Sum
– Sum adds the results from the selected questions

– Enter the number to add to the question total

– Select the required question(s) from the drop down list.
– Only questions with a numeric answer will be listed.

Add Another Option
– Click Add Another Option to add additional questions

Step 5. Once all information is entered, click create to save the question to the template.

Repeat for all required questions

Further Information

Updated on May 16, 2019

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