Edit a Client

This article demonstrates how to edit an individual client record.

A client’s details may need editing due to a change of name, postcode or gender, or due to a correction of the original entry.

Clients are created for an agency to allow the capture of demographics and individual assessments.


Step 1. Log into your Community CI system.

The welcome page will be displayed.

Home Page


Step 2. Click on the Clients link.



The Clients list will be displayed

Client list


Step 3. If required, search for the required client (refer to Search for a Client )


Step 4.  Click the three dots on the right-hand side of the client and select Edit.

Edit Client Record


Client Details and Demographics are displayed in edit mode.

Edit Client details


Step 5. Make changes to the client record as required.

Enter Required Changes


Step 6. Click Update

Update button


Changes are saved successfully

Changes are saved


Further Information

Updated on August 15, 2018

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