How do I format my dates?

The format of the date fields in your bulk import file can cause issues.

If the format is incorrect you may receive unexpected errors, your records will not be imported or the dates may be saved in the system incorrectly.

It is important to ensure all dates in your bulk import file are in the following format:YYYY-MM-DD

As all software is different you may need to refer to the help guide to confirm how to set your date formats.



If you are using excel, here is an example:

Step 1. Highlight the required column.

Step 2. Right Click on the column.

Step 3. Select Format Cells

Format Cells

Step 4. In the Number tab, select Date

Select Date

Step 5. Scroll through the type options and select YYYY-MM-DD

Select Date Format


Step 6. Click OK


Step 7. Enter a date into the column

The date is formatted as required

Date entered


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Updated on August 21, 2018

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