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Submit Individual Assessments

Once all assessments for a contract have been entered and marked as complete, they can be submitted.

Submitting assessments finalises them and allows them to be used in reporting.

Remember not to create a submission for individual assessments until all required assessments have been entered and marked as complete.



Step 1. Log into your Community CI system.

The welcome page will be displayed.

Home Page


Step 2. Click on the Assessments link.



Step 3.  Enter the required contract and select Only Draft from the status dropdown



Step 4. Check any listed assessments, and when complete, Mark them as completed.

Tip: Any assessments remaining in draft status will not 
be included in the submission.


Step 5. When all assessments are completed, navigate to the Submissions page.



Step 6. Check the list to ensure the submission you wish to create is not already listed.


Step 7.  Click the Create Submission button

Create Submission


Step 8. Select the required Contract Template

Create Submission

Step 9. Click the Create button

Create Submission

The Submission detail page is displayed.


Step 10.  Check the details of the submission.

As this submission is based on individual assessments, the information is automatically populated from the completed assessments.

Individual Submission


Step 11. Click Submit

A confirmation message is displayed




Step 12.  Scroll to the bottom of the page



Step 13. Click the check box and click submit

Confirmation message


Once the assessment has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation message and the status of the assessment will be updated to Submitted.




Further Information



Updated on November 22, 2018

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