Unsubmit an Assessment

Aggregated submissions allow you to enter summary or aggregated information in a single submission.  No identifying client data and minimal demographic data is captured.

It may be possible to unsubmit an assessment if you have the correct permissions and the due date has not yet expired.



Step 1. Log into your Community CI system.

The welcome page will be displayed.

Home Page


Step 2. Click on the Submissions link.

Submissions Link


The Submissions page is displayed

Submissions List


Step 3. Scroll through the list, or use the search fields to find the required submission.

Search Submissions


Step 4. Place your mouse over the 3 vertical dots at the right of the required submission.

Submission menu


Step 5. Click on Unsubmit


Step 6. Click on the confirmation message

Confirm Unsubmit


The submission is reverted successfully.

Success message

Draft Status



Further Information



Updated on August 15, 2018

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