Why can’t I save an assessment?

When creating an individual assessment online, there are a number of errors that may occur.  The errors, their cause and how to resolve them are listed below:


Client cannot be blank 

Blank Client

Cause: No client record has been selected

Solution: Search for and select the required client record. If it does not exist, create the client record.


Case ID cannot be blank

Session ID cannot be blank

Case Session blank

Cause: No case or session ID entered

Solution: Enter a valid case and/or session ID


Case ID must be an integer

Session ID must be an integer



Cause: An incorrect value has been entered in the Case ID or Session ID fields.

Solution: Enter a numeric value in the field.


Assessment Date cannot be before Engagement Start

Assessment Engagement dates

Cause: The entered Assessment date is earlier than the Engagement Start Date

Solution: Ensure the Assessment date is within the Engagement period


Engagement End must be after Engagement Start



Cause: The Engagement End date is earlier than the Engagement Start date

Solution: Ensure the Engagement End date is after the Engagement Start date


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Updated on August 15, 2018

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